Offenders don't stay in one place.
Why should their cases?

Affordable, robust case management for even the smallest probation office or detention center!  To bring modern case manage tools to small offices that need it the most, we are now offering our software on a subscription basis.  What this means is, even if your office has no server or computer support, modern case management software is still affordable.  We’ve taken care of all the details freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Case Management Systems is rolling out our full featured application across the Internet bringing it to your fingertips.  Case Management Systems will host the application in our state-of-the-art computer center.  All you need to start using our software tomorrow is a broadband Internet connection, a PC with Windows 2000/XP or newer, and local area network.  That’s it!


Quick Startup

Case Management Systems has been providing applications to the criminal justice profession since 1998.  Over the years we’ve honed our approach.  We provide you a questionnaire allowing you to describe your business practices which we use to configure your system.  Its really that simple.

 Robust Application

Case Management Systems (CMS) provides a complete probation case management and facility management solution to criminal justice professionals across the United States.  Its software products track information of an offender throughout the criminal justice system – allowing better communication within individual offices and across physical and agency boundaries.  Agencies benefiting from information sharing include schools, law enforcement agencies, courts, detention centers, jails, and probation departments.  By reducing paperwork and improving communication among these authorities, CMS products make it easier to keep tabs on the details while enabling staff to focus on the people –- ensuring that nothing and “nobody” slips between the cracks


Our software automatically encrypts the data as it goes across the Internet.  Similar to online banking, only our software can display the encrypted information correctly. 


Our training is live over the Internet connected to a real system.  Our trainer talks to you over the phone explaining it as you see it.  You can interact with the trainer and use the software yourself while asking questions.  It’s like having us there beside your desk. 

On-site training is also available.

To get your copy of CMS or for a free demo, call 208-426-8217


Update your case load instantly in the field!

CMS Mobile runs winthin a browser and can be used on most smart phone, tablet, or computer browsers.  Now you can manage your caseloads where the kids are. Update information as you get it, ensuring its accuracy. Make notes on the fly. Key in data once, and only once.