Offenders don't stay in one place.
Why should their cases?

Designed by experts who know the system

Rehabilitating offenders is challenging. Our goal is to make that task supremely rewarding. Because CMS offers you powerful capabilities–and renewed hope.

The criminal justice system–and everyone involved within it–faces continual pressures and ever-increasing scrutiny from the public and private sectors. Stand up to it, and rise above it, with CMS.

Our Mission

To be a primary and effective resource for criminal justice professionals effecting positive change in the lives of offenders and their families, accountability to victims, and protection of the public.

Our History
  • 1993 - Development begins for case management software program to help probation officers track information.
  • 1998 - First client begins using the software program.
  • 1999 - Case Management Systems becomes a limited liability corporation.
  • 2001 - CMS Palm and DSA products introduced.
  • 2002 - CMS software announced.  It  integrates information more effectively for states, jurisdictions, agencies, departs, etc. that work with offenders by tracking Juvenile (JCMS), Adult (ACMS), and Facility (FMS) information in one system.
  • 2005 - Majority of clients are using CMS software.
  • 2006 to 2008 - Many new capabilities added to CMS
  • 2009 - CMS Mobile developed for clients to use on smart phones.
  • 2013 - Development starts on CMS Web, a browswer based version of CMS.  This version of CMS will be usable in most broswer.
  • Helping you reach your ultimate aim – restoring offenders as productive members of your community.

    The end goal is clear. And CMS can help you get there. It’s practical. It’s flexible and easy to use. It’s proven effective in jurisdictions from coast to coast. Investing in case management software represents a smart, efficient way to allocate public resources. By tracking offenders better, you improve their chances to succeed, so everyone ultimately benefits. And it’s hard to put a price on that.

    For more information on CMS, the CMS Mobile, and Decision Support Analysis, call 208-426-8217 or click here to send us an email.