Do you require a
Risk & Needs
Assessment tool?

CMS Interviews automates complex instruments, such as the Washington State Risk and Needs Assessment. Beyond automation of the instrument, it allows managers to associate case planning steps based upon assessment outcomes. This allows probation officers and counselors to automatically generate a customized case plan based upon the risk and needs associated with each individual youth on their caseload. The ultimate outcome is more consistency within probation departments and a higher quality of supervision.

Offenders don't stay in one place.

Why should their cases?

Introducing Case Management System:
Software that helps you better manage offenders in your care.

When offenders are on the move, it’s not always easy keeping tabs on them. By effectively tracking offenders in the criminal justice system, you can improve your level of care and increase their prospects for becoming productive members of society. Tracking offenders is difficult and complex. Sometimes communication breaks down. Case Management System (CMS) changes everything for the positive. Integrate multiple locations within the justice community.

Case Management System (CMS) links individuals, agencies, and organizations within a wide range of jurisdictions. It’s a powerful tool for probation officers, detention centers, assessment centers, private organizations, and anyone who works in the criminal justice system.

Take hold of a comprehensive probation case management and detention population management system--all rolled into one. Now you can track timely information regardless of its source: from detention centers, courts, schools, law enforcement agencies, and probation departments. CMS is affordable software that reaps major dividends in financial as well as human terms.

CMS is affordable software that reaps major dividends in financial as well as human terms. Click here for more.

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